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Hire PHP, JavaScript, Flutter Developers for Permanent Remote Work on the Development and Maintenance of CRM, ERP, Startups, Online Stores, Mobile Applications

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How We Work

We provide services for the selection of specialists or the formation of a team to work on projects. We take into account many factors for successful long-term cooperation, such as technical skills, interest in the project, ease of communication.

  • Daily Control

    The specialist works in our office and keeps a daily report on the work done, consults with colleagues on tasks.

  • Professional Selection

    In accordance with the requirements of the project and the allocated budget, we offer the best option for cooperation.

  • Scaling the Project

    On request, we provide additional developers for your project.

  • We Work with Any Budget

    We provide developers for the project at full load from $10 per hour.

  • Extensive Work Experience

    We have been working since 2008. During this time, we have successfully implemented a large number of projects from various fields of activity.

  • Payment on the Fact

    We work without prepayment. The invoice is issued one or two weeks after the start of the work.

  • Writing Technical Specifications

    We draw up the technical specifications according to the description of your project.

  • We Sign the NDA

    We draw up a non-disclosure agreement at your request.

Examples of Projects

We have a successful experience working on CRM, ERP systems, startups from various business industries. We develop API integrations of various levels of complexity, connect bank payment systems, and work with GEO-data.

  • CRM in Tourism
  • Regular Excursions in Vienna, Austria

    Project functionality:

    - Personal account for different types of users. A specific set of functions is created for each user in the personal account.

    - Booking and buying a tour online with the choice of the desired date and type of tour (group or individual), it is possible to calculate the amount of the tour, based on the number of people (children and adults).

    - It is possible to accept online payments through integration with PayUnity.

    - Set up management of the database of tourist services – tours, excursions, transfers.

    - Automation of the billing system.

    - Accounting of transactions carried out through the site, interaction with accounting systems.

    - The ability to write a comment with your wishes for the booked tour, as well as leave a review about the tour.

    Yii2 framework PHP MySQL WordPress
  • Service for Finding Fellow Travelers for Intercity Trips in Russia and the CIS Countries
  • Development of a Service for Finding Travel Companions (Carpooling)

    carpool.star-bus.ru – website for finding current offers from private carriers for trips to cities in Russia and the CIS countries. The functionality allows you to find the cheapest ticket, book a seat in a passing transport through the website, and view the driver's rating.

    In the personal account, the functionality for viewing the user's trips, the ability to cancel the trip, write to the driver in the chat, view the landing place on the map has been developed.

    The service allows the driver to find fellow travelers for a joint trip, you can view reviews and ratings. A trip can be created with intermediate points. The service offers the driver the optimal route, the time and distance of the entire route are calculated.

    Site functionality:

    - Registration and authorization of users.

    - Best prices for the next 12 days.

    - Possibility to book tickets online.

    - View the map with the point "Where is my driver".

    - Chat with the driver.

    - Implemented notifications via SMS messages and e-mail about the cancellation of the trip, the booked ticket and new messages in the chat.

    - Ability to write a review and view the received reviews.

    Yii2 framework PHP MySQL HTML-coding
  • A Platform for Freight and Transport Exchange
  • Development of Software for Freight Transport and Logistic Services

    CMR24-cargo and transport exchange for companies engaged in cargo transportation in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other European countries. There are three versions with the ability to switch in the website: the version for the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    Site functionality:

    - Registration form, authorization, password recovery.

    - Personal account for users.

    - User verification. For verified users, advanced functionality becomes available on the site.

    - A form for adding an application for the transport of goods with an indication of the main route and intermediate points.

    - Search for transport.

    - Calculation of the distance between two localities.

    - It is possible to connect Viber-mailing lists with current requests for the transportation of goods and transport according to the parameters entered on the site.

    - My Cargo\My transport pages, where the user can edit, copy, delete their requests.

    - Search form for cargo and transport.

    - Feedback.

    - A page with useful information.

    - Catalog of services provided by companies, with the ability to sort ads by city and region.

    - The ability to add employees to your company without registering them on the site.

    Yii2 framework PHP MySQL HTML-coding Figma
  • Educational Website for Preparing for the Unified State Exam
  • Development of Website for SAT and ACT Exams Preparation Online

    Educational website for preparing for the Unified State Exam for successful passing of exams. Designed for students in grades 9 and 11. There are the ability to provide paid access to students in the website.


    - Student registration and authorization, password recovery. Registration via social networks is configured.

    - Selection of the student's class (9 or 11), selection of the desired subject, free testing for each subject, available 1 time to pass.

    - Display the results of the test with the ability to view the correct answers.

    - Payment for one or more training items.

    Dealer's office:

    - Ability to add a new student.

    - Providing access for students.

    - Output of statistics.

    Partner Account:

    - Ability to add a new student and a new dealer with the type (individual or legal entity).);

    - Granting access to a dealer or student.

    - Output of statistics.

    The admin panel has been developed with the ability to add subjects, subject topics, tasks, solutions and answers to tasks, view and edit the database of students, dealers and partners. There is a section with detailed statistics on partners, dealers and cities.

    Yii2 framework PHP MySQL HTML-coding Photoshop
  • Accounting System of Goods from Purchase to Sale with Full Automation of Processes
  • CRM Inventory Accounting System

    A system for tracking the movement of goods from the purchase stage to the sale stage. Full automation of processes and data synchronization is configured. The functionality for generating financial reports and displaying statistical data has been developed.

    System functionality:

    - Ability to edit, delete and add products.

    - Combining products into groups by properties and purpose, dividing products by type.

    - Setting up online payments and automating payments.

    - Accounting for balances and movement of goods.

    - Help in finding goods on the slad.

    - Updates of data on the availability of products in online stores using the API.

    - Employee time tracking and payroll calculator.

    - Setting up the distribution of promotions and special offers to users.

    - Development of a system for interaction with sales partners.

    - Export and import of product data.

    - Forms with configured validation.

    - Formation of XLSX feeds for obtaining information about the availability of products for manual and automatic unloading to online stores.

    Yii2 framework PHP MySQL
  • Brand Glasses Store
  • Branded Glasses Web-shop

    Modaframes – an online store of branded glasses with the possibility of online purchase.

    Project functionality:

    - Order basket.

    - Log in to your personal account.

    - User registration and authorization form.

    - Search through product catalogs on the site.

    - Division of products by brand, purpose. The ability to view the number of products and its cost, filtering products.

    - Feedback form and verification from Google.

    - A page with special offers, promotions and discounts.

    PHP MySQL Shopify

Our Technologies

PHP-frameworks: Yii2, Laravel, Symfony
JavaScript: Node.js, React.js, Vue.js
CMS: WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal
Mobile Development for Android and iOS on Flutter

To select a programmer for a project, it is necessary to understand the entire technology stack, first analyze the project's program code and agree in detail on the working conditions. With a large number of technologies, the developer can study the missing ones in the process of working on the project. To optimize the speed of work, it is possible to distribute tasks to several developers with different types of employment, or add new specialists to the team.

  • Go lang
  • Flutter
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

Programmers' Hourly Rates

The cost of a developer depends on his professional level, the type of employment and the complexity of the project. Below are the hourly rates of a specialist with constant employment on a project of medium complexity.


  • Successfully copes with tasks of an average level of complexity. Sometimes the advice of more experienced colleagues is required.
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  • Independently works on tasks of medium and high level of complexity, offers its own technical solutions.
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  • Works on tasks of any level of complexity, understands the business goals of the customer and offers solutions to achieve them.
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  • He is responsible for the work of the team, distributes tasks, manages development, and develops complex functionality himself.
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